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ABOUT ME: I guess in some ways, I'm like the foul ball lost in the high weeds waiting patiently to be found before the crowd leaves and the game ends...

Once upon a time the game began when I started playing music with my Dad, Mom & brothers in many different family related country / square dance bands. At the age of 7 my brother Danny and I started winning local talent shows and from there I discovered my gift of music. I eventually became the lead male singer with the popular "NEON MOON" country band here in Ohio, where we went on to play a ton of clubs, fairs, festivals, opened for many stars, played on parade floats, radio, benefits, charities, rodeos and the list goes on and on. I am proud to say that I learned and performed side by side with many great musicians now famous in Nashville and around the world.

I really do try to help and encourage those around me through either song or by a living example. I am truly thankful for the experience, memories and for the other blessings given to me each and every day that allows me to continue to explore my songwriting and music passion.

I do have many other songs not listed yet. Thanks again for stopping by and please let me know if you hear something you like.

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